Friday, June 29, 2012

Toy Story 3: Mr. Potato Head vs Mr. Pigeon

Title: Toy Story 3
Year:  2010
Director:  Lee Unkrich
Running time: 103 min.
Country: United States

This film was a nice surprise. When I started watching it I had few expectations but after a while I started enjoying it. The second surprise that I had was to find a pigeon appearance:

Close to the end of the film, Mr. Potato Head uses a Mexican tortilla as his body. This allows him to slide through narrow places and start a night escape from his prison. However, he doesn't take into account that bread is one of the favourite foods of pigeons. Unfortunately, during his escape, he meets one of these birds. There is a lot of tension in the scene depicted below:
We can see Mr. Potato Head and Mr. Pigeon face to face:

The pigeon is probably thinking: is this bread with some attached extras (nose, mouth, etc.)?

The pigeon takes initiative...

But Mr. Potato Head defends himself very bravely....

Finally the pigeon flies away leaving Mr Potato Head with some injuries on his bready body.

Details of the pigeon starring 

  • Source: Toy Story 3. Starring moment: 1:06:13
  • Pigeon activity: It is a sweet tooth pigeon that hunts Mr. Potato Head. This behaviour is incoherent because pigeons don't like to roam around at night. It is too dangerous for them. Maybe this one was too hungry to wait for the next day.
  • Symbolism: None.
  • Relevance: Medium. The pigeon almost ruined everything: if the pigeon had finally eaten all of Mr. Potato Head's body he wouldn't have been able to complete his duty and the complete escape would fail.
  • Training level: Not applicable.


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