Friday, November 30, 2018

Ghost in the shell: what a feathered surprise!!

Title: Ghost in the shell
Year:  2017
Director:  Rupert Sanders
Running time: 107  min.
Country: USA

In this film I was surprised seeing a fascinating futuristic mega-city in Japan, altered humans with all kinds of cybernetic artefacts and plenty of action. But it also depicts poverty, social inequalities, corruption and a lack of respect for human-rights. A very sad futuristic perspective that at least was compensated by a feathered surprise.

Mira discovers the abandoned house that hosts the pigeons

When amnesia-sufferer "Major" Mira Killian (Scarlett Johansson) is in the search of her forgotten past she discovers an abandoned house covered with several pigeons that have adopted it as a resting place.

We can observe several pigeons flying and others standing on the roof

This peace is interrupted by the appearance of Ms. Johansson and the subsequent extreme violence scenes. Because of this, the Japanese pigeons serenely fly away. Fortunately, these pigeons do not seem to have any cybernetic implants.

Another screen shot with a nice pigeon siluetee 

Details of the pigeon starring 
  • Source: Ghost in the shell. Starring moment: 1:23:24
  • Pigeon activity: Even in a distant future, pigeons behave in the same way as today.
  • Symbolism: Pigeons are used to provide more realism to the abandoned scene that is being displayed.
  • Relevance: None. They only distract the protagonist for a short interval of time.
  • Training level: Low. They only fly in the distance.