Sunday, November 11, 2012

The most beloved film character

According to the survey presented last summer the old beggar woman from Mary Poppins was chosen as the most beloved film character. Congratulations, Mrs. Grandma.

This woman sells bags of breadcrumbs on the steps of Saint Paul's Cathedral. She has everything pigeons like: tenderness, food provisions and close contact. For this commendable action pigeons will love her forever.

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  2. you're missing ghost dog: way of the samurai. amazing pigeon scenes in that movie

  3. She is indend my hero! I've just discovered this site and I love it! I feed wild pigeons every day on my window will,long live pigeons!!!

    1. Window sill ! Sorry auto correct

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  5. I'm trying to find the movie about wartime in France where a family resorted to eating a messenger pigeon and the French character looked at the pigeon leg band and said. "Oh well, they have their medals."

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