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Four Eyed Monsters: alternating pigeons and boudoir scenes

Title: Four Eyed Monsters
Year: 2005
Director: Susan Buice, Arin Crumley
Running time: 85 min.
Country: United States

Arin and Susan had a real life romance which is reproduced in this movie. During the movie recording they decided to include a bedroom scene and the problem was to find another recording that could be alternated with it. What was the solution? Very easy: the use of pigeons. Lots of pigeons.

In the movie, we can see the progress of a huge flock of pigeons. The boudoir scene starts in tandem with the flock taking off and finishes with their landing. In between, some (human) sex scenes.

Details of the pigeon starring

  • Source: Four Eyed Monsters. Starring moment: 0:30:36
  • Pigeon activity:  A flock of pigeons that are scared and fly away and subsequently land.
  • Symbolism: Mixing pigeons and bedroom scenes is a very bizarre idea but in this movie it is well performed. There are two main interpretations of this idea. The first one is that the takeoff, flying and subsequent landing is a journey similar to the phases of sexual intercourse. Something like: did you enjoy the flight? The second interpretation suggests that the use of a large flock of pigeons has the appearance of a dynamic movement that could reflect other kind of movements produced by the protagonists during the bed scene.
  • Relevance for the movie: None. It is a mere metaphor introduced in the movie.
  • Training level: Low. These are wild pigeons. They were scared and recorded in their urban habitat. In the last picture we can appreciate that many pigeons are scared, looking at the camera.

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