Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blade Runner: I want to die with a dove in my hands

Title: Blade Runner
Year: 1982
Director: Ridley Scott
Running time: 112 min.
Country: United States

Roy's life is expiring and he can't do anything about that. Deckard is a mere spectator of his agony. But Roy doesn't want to die alone, or in the company of the evil man that killed all his friends. Roy chooses a pure friend during his agony. He chooses a dove. Rest in peace, Mr. Roy.

 I really like science fiction. I saw this scene many many years ago in my childhood and I still clearly remember this white dove in Roy's hands.

Note: I'm not mentioning Roy's memorable speech because this is a blog about pigeons.It can be seen here.

Roy's last speech

Pigeon flight

Details of the pigeon starring

  • Source: Blade Runner. Starring moment:: 1:41:56
  • Pigeon activity:  A dove resting in Roy's hand.
    • Symbolism: It is very interesting to see Roy's character: a replicant that is a soldier and a killer. A tough guy that chooses a pure dove during his final moments of agony. Just try to imagine Rambo doing the same. However, I think that this act is very well performed in Blade Runner. My hypothesis is that the dove represents Joy's soul, leaving his dead body and ascending to... heaven?. I think that it proves that replicants have souls.
    • Relevance for the movie: High. The dove is used to prove that replicants have souls. This is an important question that is raised during the entire movie. 
    • Training level: High. This is a well trained dove.

    King Pigeon Jr.


    1. I know this is old and shit, but in the book its mentioned that animals don really exist anymore. They re also replicated, both pets and urban wild animals like doves and birds. So in the end Roy is actually holding a replicant dove. He´s holding a replicant animal, sheltering it and then letting it go. From this point of view the symbolism of the scene would the freedom or the desired freedom of artificial intelligence.

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