Friday, May 18, 2012

The five characters that pigeons most love or hate

This is a summary of the five characters that have most contributed to pigeon welfare and another five that caused them the most offense. If you know of any other character that fits in this ranking please, write it as a comment. It will be considered for the next edition of this ranking. There is also a survey where you can vote for your own most-loved and hated character.

Beloved characters

Hated characters

Old beggar woman from Mary Poppins
She sells bags of breadcrumbs on the steps of Saint Paul's Cathedral. She has everything pigeons like: tenderness, food provisions and close contact. For this commendable action pigeons will love her forever. Links: post, video
Sandy Bates from Stardust memories
A first class pigeon maniac and anti-pigeon propaganda maker. He is specially hated for spreading the expression -rats with wings- which currently is widely used when referring to pigeons. Links: post, video
Terry Malloy from On the waterfront
Marlon Brando plays the part of a dockworker that raises pigeons. Pigeons love him for taking care of them and for a remarkable characterization, where he uses a pigeon for attracting a woman. This is the best example of pigeon-based seduction. Links: post, video.
Silas from How High
Behind this funny looking guy resides a cruel pigeon murderer. He planned and executed the worst pigeon massacre even recorded in a film: he fed pigeons with a mix of laxatives and birdseed that make them blow up. Links: post, video.

Roy from Blade Runner
Roy is a replicant that decides to die with a dove in his hands. At his finest hour he pronounces one of the most memorable speeches in Sci-fi in this feathered company.  Mr. Roy, you deserve plenty of pigeon gratitude for this preferential act. Links: post, video.
Alien ambassador from Mars Attacks
He and his alien fellows came to conquer the Earth. They enjoy killing humans, which is always disturbing for pigeons. But the straw that broke the camel's back was the murder of a peaceful-innocent dove. Links: post, video.

Barca from Spartacus
On one hand, Barca is a enslaved gladiator that fights to the death on the arena. On the other, he is a tender pigeon raiser. His absolute dedication to pigeons under extremely violent conditions is well appreciated by the feathered community. Links: post.
Motorbike pimp from Hard Target
First Pigeon Rule: never poo on a bad guy armed with a machine gun. Unfortunately, an absent-minded pigeon didn't obey this rule and suffered a cruel and bloody reprisal. Too much pigeon blood for a mere dropping. Links: post, video.

Chance from Hard Target
Before starting (in self defense) a killing rampage, and wiping out more than a dozen men in many original ways, Chance devotes some of his valuable time to establishing a friendship with a pigeon. Pigeons recognise the friendly gestures of this nice tough guy. Links: post.
Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica
Lee is a successful public figure. At the beginning he is captain of the colonial fleet but later he was elected Vice President of the Twelve Colonies. However, his career has a dark secret in the past that pigeons will never forgive and forget: he was a hysterical pigeon tormentor. Links: post, video.



  2. Thank you for the movie, it's really funny!. I'll post it in the future.... probably in an angry bird especial.