Friday, April 13, 2012

Research Report: pigeons in videoclips

In this new section I summarise research activities in different pigeon-related fields. The first study is a summary of pigeon appearances in music clips. I have selected three relevant complete clips and three short non-professional clips.

Dansette Junior - "Paranoid"

In this dub-electro-pop videoclip the pigeons play synthesizers. The special effects are remarkable.  Link to the band's myspace site here. Click on the picture below to watch the videoclip.

Girls in the Boy Scouts - "Pigeon Pigeon"

This clip is a collection of recordings of cameras attached to pigeons. Despite the fast movement of the camera, some of the filming is amazing. The relaxing song is a nice soundtrack for the videoclip. Band home page here. Link to myspace here. Click on the picture below to watch the videoclip.

Nonsensione - "Fancy Pigeon"

The music is less relaxing than the former clip and the clip imagery is more abstract. Unfortunately I couldn't find the author homepage. Click on the picture below to watch the videoclip.

There are some other amateur clips that I think are also interesting despite not being proper music clips.

An interesting synchronisation between pigeon head movement and music. Warning!. Some people were hypnotized watching this clip

A pigeon spinning on a chimney with techno-industrial music. I don't know if the pigeon is enjoying.

Inter-tribal pow wow music combined with pigeon-mating dance. A bizarre video clip.

King Pigeon Jr.

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