Friday, March 23, 2012

Scanner Cop: telepathy and pigeons

Title: Scanner Cop
Year: 1994
Director: Pierre David
Running time: 95 min.
Country: Canada

David Cronenberg wrote and directed Scanners, a low budget movie which obtained a notorious popularity. There are several sequels and one of them (the fourth) is Scanner Cop. I have to admit that Scanner Cop is not a first-line movie but it has pigeons, and that matters.

Los Angeles Police Department is being decimated by brain washed murderers. Sam Stazia is a police officer who uses his telepathic skills to discover who is behind this police-killing rampage. During one scene, he is desperately driving through Los Angeles, looking for the bad guy's place. What does he find driving down the street? L.A. Pigeons!! What would happen if Sam uses his skill for establishing a telepathic link with pigeons?

Mr. Sam Stazia is driving through Los Angeles.
Sam meets pigeons on the street.

Details of the pigeon starring 
  • Source:  Scanner Cop   Starring moment: 0:55:35
  • Pigeon activity: urban pigeons which are wandering around the road. 
  • Symbolism: They represent the typical pigeons that you can find in every city. They are used to increase the realism level of the scene. 
  • Relevance: None. They don't influence the movie storyline.
  • Training level: It is not clear whether they are wild or trained pigeons. Taking into account the movie budget I would say they are wild pigeons that they unexpectedly found during the recording.


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  2. 'Scanner Cop' and 'Scanners: The Showdown' is my favorite horror film. These movies reminds me when some guy transforms into the monstrous beast in 1982 film 'the beast within.'

  3. They should have them way where the bad guys basically transform into monstrous mutant like scanners, having their bodies change into different character likeness and human shapes. They really should do more of these scanners films and soon.

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  5. Hope they'll do 'Scanner Cop 3' through 'Scanner Cop 6.' Using different actors will be cool, and of course they have to use the same makeup bladders fx. I also think they should use bigger and hundreds more makeup bladder fx on each new scanners films. Looking forward to hundreds more scanners movies soon.

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  7. "SCANNERS 4," "SCANNERS 5," and "SCANNERS 6" would be REALLY, REALLY COOL for new scanners films.

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